Launching Our L.A. Network of Buyer’s Agents

Elika Real Estate is an exclusive buyer’s agency, which means we owe our sole duty to the buyer. Our only goal is to work with you in order to find you the perfect home or investment property at the best possible price.

After working with New York City buyers since 2008, we are excited to help Los Angeles buyers have the same high-quality experience through our new Los Angeles Network of Buyers Agents. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what our new referral service, which is free to buyers, can do for you

Who are the agents?

Our network is comprised of top experienced buyer’s brokers and agents that service Los Angeles. They have agreed to be part of our network and under our oversight. Just complete our Custom Search form, which asks for information pertaining to what you want in a home, such as property type (house, condo, co-op, etc.), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood, and budget, and we will send you a list of qualified agents within 24 hours. You can also call at 866-859-2619 for immediate service.

Our sole goal is to match you up with an agent that specializes in the type of home and neighborhood that you want.

Our process

Unlike other referral services that solely rely on algorithms, we look deeper. In fact, we personally review each application. We want to make sure agents that we recommend have the type of deep knowledge and expertise of the market, particularly as it pertains to you. For instance, we will not match you with an agent specializing in condos located in downtown Los Angeles when you are looking for a large home in Beverly Hills. If you have any special considerations, let us know since that helps us find you the right agent.

Once we have your information and analyze it, our due diligence kicks in. Factors we examine include an agent’s experience, a record of accomplishment (including close rates), and knowledge of your desired neighborhood. He/she has to have a complete understanding of the local market, including schools, recent price trends, and access to properties before they are on the market. We also look at client testimonials and his/her negotiating ability.

What to expect

Our New York clientele expects a high level of service and we expect those seeking a house in Los Angeles to have the same experience. You can expect your exclusive buyer’s agent to listen to your needs, create a list of the best available properties, and schedule visits for you to see the homes.

After this basic work, your Los Angeles agent should help you formulate the best possible offer – one that ensures you buy the property without overpaying. This entails an extensive comparable market analysis, and he/she should discuss any needed repairs to give you a full sense of the total cost. Remember, a buyer’s agent is in the unique position of using his/her knowledge of the market along with any factor (e.g., pending divorce between the sellers) that you can use to obtain the best price.

After the initial offer, the agent negotiates on your behalf to reach a price you find acceptable. He or she will also advise on when it is time to walk away if that is in your best interest.


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