A final walkthrough when buying a home in Los Angeles is your last chance to make sure everything is perfect before you close on your new home. Final walkthroughs are usually done the day of, or the day before, closing on the house. Ideally, it’s done once the current occupants have moved out so you can see exactly what you’re getting. It’s also your last chance to make sure there are no problems before you take ownership of the home. While a final walkthrough is not required by law, there are enough horror stories to convince you that you should not skip this important step.

A final walkthrough is not an inspection, but it is a chance for you to make sure everything is how it should be. When going through inspection, especially once the homeowners have moved out, you can make sure that any appliances that were supposed to be there are still in the home. You can also check for any damage that may have been hidden by furniture or other items, and make sure that the home was not damaged when the previous occupants moved out.

What You Should Look for During a Final Walkthrough

It’s a good idea to do a final walkthrough before the day you close on your new home. If issues do come up, you’ll want some time for things to be fixed or repaired before you purchase the house. Scheduling the walkthrough a few days in advance can give you the time you might need should issues arise.

Hopefully, any issues will be minor and easily addressed. Things that you’ll notice quickly during a walk through are trash or belongings that may have been left behind by the previous owners. You may find out that the walls are not in great shape and need to be spackled or painted. You’ll also want to look for any damage that may have been caused by the movers. These are things that can usually be addressed quickly and easily before you begin your moving process.

What Happens When You Discover A Larger Problem

Almost 100 percent of the time, a final walkthrough is merely a formality. It’s the last glance to give you peace of mind and to make sure your move-in goes smoothly. However, from time to time there are reports of buyers finding extensive water damage or leaks. You may discover that the homeowners took the appliances with them even though you agreed that those items would stay. If you see a larger issue that needs to be addressed, it’s important not to panic. Whatever the problem, discuss them with your Realtor.

If the problem is large enough, your Realtor can negotiate to adjust your contract to insist on money off of the price of your new home. In some instances, it may make sense for you to ask for cash to fix the problem. The seller is likely willing to work with you if the problem was previously unknown but severe. It’s important to talk it through and agree on an arrangement that works for everyone. And remember, if all else fails, you haven’t bought the home yet.

Have all repairs requested been made?
Were all changes/fixes made pursuant to the sales contract?YesNo
Has warranty documentation for the repairs been provided?YesNo
Check all appliances and systems, Do they all work?YesNo
Air conditionerYesNo
Ceiling fansYesNo
Hot/cold water on all faucetsYesNo
All stove burners and ovenYesNo
Garbage disposalYesNo
Washing machine and dryerYesNo
Electrical outletsYesNo
Overhead Lighting and  SconcesYesNo
Smoke detectorsYesNo
Garage doorYesNo
Alarm SystemYesNo
All remotes or keypadsYesNo
Plumbing Check
Do all toilets flush?YesNo
Do all sinks fill and drain properly?YesNo
Do all bathtubs fill and drain properly?YesNo
In case of a jacuzzi do all jets work?YesNo
Do all showers drain properly?YesNo
Windows and doors
Do all windows and doors open and lock properly?YesNo
Are any windows broken?YesNo
Mold Check
Do windows have mold?YesNo
Check under sinks for mold or water damageYesNo
Check showers for mold or water damageYesNo
Check toilets for mold or water damageYesNo
Exterior of the property
Is there any change or damage to the roof and siding on the exterior?YesNo
If there is an irrigation system, is it working properly, are there any leaks?YesNo
Check outdoor lights and electrical outlets, do they work?YesNo
Check railings, decks, and stairs are they sturdy?YesNo
Is the landscaping the same as when the contract was signed?YesNo
Cleanliness Check
Has all garbage been removed from the home?YesNo
Yes No Is the home clean?YesNo


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